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Artwork for Sale

This is a new area on the AAA site. The pieces listed are definitely for sale (unless they're already sold, as you'll see).

If you're interested in any other piece, even if it's not listed below, and just want to make an offer, YOU CAN. How can you tell what we have? Just look for the letter "A" after a number for an artist (click Artist Bios and Artwork). For example, on the James Montgomery Flagg page, you'll see:

Stephen Foster Songs, "Old Black Joe" (19??) Flagg - 001A

The "A" means its artwork that you can make an offer on. And you can always e-mail me if you have any questions:

You can also consign with us. For most illustrators, having your artwork listed with American Art Archives can get your piece a lot of exposure. A search for an artist's name on Google (for example), usually scores very high in the search listings. I did a search on 31 January 2007 for the results below (ranking is in parentheses). The search was done with the artist's name in quotes.*

Peter Helck (1)
J C Leyendecker (2)
Arthur Sarnoff (1)
Boris Artzybasheff (1)
George Petty (6)
John Lagatta (1)
Rolf Armstrong (6)
W T Benda (1)
Zoë Mozert (2)
Frank Reilly (1)
Willy Pogany (7)
Edward Penfield (6)
Dean Cornwell (2)
Reynold Brown (1)
Wally Wood (9)
Jon Whitcomb (1)

*not every artist places this high (first page) on Google, of course. New listing on AAA or artists like Norman Rockwell or Maxfield Parrish will take longer to raise in the web-search rankings, but it is happening.

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Matthew 6:19-21

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