M L Blumenthal, Moses Lawrence Blumenthal M L Blumenthal, Moses Lawrence Blumenthal

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M L Blumenthal
(1879 - 1955)

Moses Lawrence Blumenthal was a long-time contributor to The Saturday Evening Post (well into the 1920s); also illustrated for Life, Metropolitan, The Ladies' World, Sunday Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, Collier's. Book art for Ring Lardner, Harry Leon Wilson, Irwin Wallace.

Boy With Balloons (1911) Blumenthal - 001A

Saturday Evening Post, "An Apartment House Analogy" (1917) Blumenthal - 002

Saturday Evening Post, "The Complete Muckraker" (1908) Blumenthal - 003

Saturday Evening Post, "Woodrowsby Legends" (1913) Blumenthal - 004

Success, "How It Happened" (1908) Blumenthal - 005

Saturday Evening Post (1911) Blumenthal - 006

Saturday Evening Post, "The Parlor Socialist" (1908) Blumenthal - 007

So This Is Golf! (1923) Blumenthal - 008