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Matt Clark
(1903 - 1972)

American Weekly, "Tom Bell's Undoing" (1948) Clark, M - 001A

Caterpillar Tractor, "Got a Minute to Listen to a Guy from Home? (1943) Clark, M - 002

Country Gentleman (1945) Clark, M - 003

The Saturday Evening Post, "Roger's Rangers" (1937) Clark, M - 004

American Magazine, "Legacy" (1932) Clark, M - 005

American Weekly, "Great Duels of the Gold Rush Days:
Sarah Pellet Preached Brotherly Love" (1947) Clark, M - 006A

Swift and Company, "Out Where the Beefsteak Begins..." (1943) Clark, M - 007

Swift and Company, "Roast Beef On The Swing Shift" (1943) Clark, M - 008

"They Selected Furniture" (1929) Clark, M - 009
NOTE: This ad promotes no particular manufacturer or brand.

Saturday Evening Post "The Trump" (1942) Clark, M - 010

American Weekly, "Sam Bass Betrayed" (1949) Clark, M - 011

College Humor, "Pearls Are Going Up" (1931) Clark, M - 012

Packard (1930) Clark, M - 013

H J Heinz, "The Glorious Forth" (1941) Clark, M - 014

American Weekly, "Bonanza! The Comstock:
A Caravan Returns to Gold Canyon" (1947) Clark, M - 015A

American Weekly, "Bonanza: Ha Tabor's Silver Empire" (1947) Clark, M - 016A
NOTE: the original illustration at left and how it appeared in the magazine, flipped and cropped (but this had been planned as Clark signed his name in reverse in the original!).