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The Archives Need You Page
is Dedicated to . . .

Hiroshi Aramata

I'm pleased to dedicate this to a man who contributed to AAA from the beginning. Aramata is a well-known writer, researcher, and collector in his native Japan (his novel, Teito Monogatari sold 3.5 million copies). One of his passions is illustration art and through the small-town known as eBay, we crossed paths. Once he knew what I was doing, he began shipping me cartons of rare American magazines all the way across the Pacific! I've been scanning them and shipping them back (so far without a single loss). And sometimes, I've been able to add to his collection. Without Aramata's contributions and friendship, many of the pulp artists would be under-represented here and you'll see a acknowledgments to him on several pages in the future.
Thanks Hiroshi!

Will Grefe, Saturday Evening Post (1910)