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How to Submit Your Article
Your articles should be an E-mail attachment. Please save files for Microsoft Word format version 6 (PC) or 98 (Mac) or for any platform, RTF.

Article Styles
The first is the museum brochure kind that starts at the birth of the artist and goes to his or her last days. The second is the journalist kind, often starting off with a colorful quote by the subject artist, a peer of the artist's, a critic, etc. Or it can start off covering a particularly interesting project or time in the artist's life; the "She was born in Ohio" stuff comes later in this kind of piece.

Don't think you can write? You're probably wrong. I'll try and ad pointers in the future, but for the most part, find an article that you liked reading, study why you liked it, and try and emulate those aspects in your own writing.

As the site editor, I may trim a bit of your article, move a few paragraphs around, or ask you to punch something up or clarify some detail. Also, this is a family site, so profanity and pseudo-profanity will be edited out.

Files can be e-mailed as attachments, Stuffed or Zipped.

You will be given credit for your article on this site in the form of a bi-line and this will never be removed, so you'll have one (or more) examples of your work floating in cyber space if you ever want a publisher or employer to see your writing. The bi-line can also include any project you're currently working on.

If the article is not 100% yours and you're quoting other sources, you must site those sources in parentheses.

If you send me an article which was previously published, I'm assuming that you have the right to have it re-published. I also need to know the source of the first publication so I can site this in the American Art Archives version.

For articles which are being sent to AAA for first publication, you are free to offer the same article elsewhere, but note American Art Archives as the original source with this tag: "First published"; thanks.

While I cannot pay you for written submissions at this point, I may be able to help offset some costs involved in your article. Check with me first.

Coles Phillips, Life (1910)