Enoch Bolles How to Submit Graphics

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How to Submit Graphics
I'm looking for all types of illustration images. The best way to submit something is to:

  1. Mail me your item so I can do a high-resolution scan. That way, it's preserved for the archives and can also be used for the web (you will be credited if it's used for the web). If you're sending single pages or even magazines, make sure to place them in a plastic sleeve if possible (you can also use USPS mylar priority envelopes) and then between cardboard so they won't bend. I DO NOT recommend mailing original artwork.
  2. If you don't want to risk the mails, especially for original artwork, color photocopies are ideal. They're relatively cheap, the quality is good, and your originals can stay at home with you.

If you are good with a scanner and can follow these steps, then sending scans of your images on a burned CD-ROM is the best way to go. Here's what I need:

  1. Images, if from a magazine, book, etc., should not be cropped. If this takes more than one scan, that's OK.
  2. Scan resolution should be at least 300 dpi.
  3. Do not select "sharpening" or "blurring" (blurring?) when scanning.
  4. Images should be saved without compression as a Photoshop or TIFF for Macintosh file. Otherwise, you can try saving as a JPG, but save it as the highest level possible.
  5. Files can be e-mailed as attachments, Stuffed or Zipped.

NOTE: Scans submitted to American Art Archives will be tweaked for restoration purposes and/or for the web. The same goes for scans made by American Art Archives of printed materials that you submit for scanning. These altered scans become the property of American Art Archives. I say this so there's no confusion as I obviously can't un-scan a scan and give it back to you, nor can I un-restore something and give it back.

This only deals with scans. All legal rights remain the property of the individual who owns the copyrights to the submitted materials. Thank you.

Enoch Bolles, PEP (1929)