Al Kortner, Sundblom School, Haddon Sundblom Al Kortner, Sundblom School, Haddon Sundblom

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Al Kortner
(1905 - 1999)

A member of the Sundblom school. Much advertising work from the 1930s, but usually unsigned. Best known for historic romances and outdoors adventure.

Fishing for Pike (19??) Kortner - 001A

American Weekly, Daring Aimee Crocker (1948) Kortner - 002A

American Weekly, Queens of the Old South - Julia (1949) Kortner - 003

American Weekly, Lydia (1950) Kortner - 004

American Weekly, Poker Plaing Chateline (1948) Kortner - 005

American Weekly, Fall of the Rancho Queen (1950) Kortner - 006