Edward Penfield Edward Penfield

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Edward Penfield
(1866 - 1925)

Came to fame as a poster artist where precise use of line and color attracted the eye and the customers. It was a natural progression from posters to advertising, and Penfield excelled on these smaller canvases for clothiers, car makers, and Kodak. Also in demand for calendars and cover work for Collier's, Life, Saturday Evening Post, and many others.

Oldsmobile, "The Logical Car" (1908) Penfield - 001

Hart Schaffner and Marx, catalog art (1920) Penfield - 002

Heinz, Olives from Spain (1923) Penfield - 003

Cafe Spaander (written by Penfield, too), Pietje (1902) Penfield - 004

Collier's, "Fore" (1908) Penfield - 005

Pierce Arrow, "The Great Arrow" (1907) Penfield - 006