Edward Poucher, E A Poucher, Poucher Edward Poucher, E A Poucher, Poucher

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Edward Poucher
(?? - ??)

E A Poucher was one of those numerous, talented, prolific illustrators who put in decades of quality craftsmanship, then disappeared with little being known about them except their printed works. Poucher worked from the early 20th century into the late 1930s, often as a fashion illustrator, but also handled editorial work, advertising, and cover art. Illustrations could be found in American Woman, Good Housekeeping, St. Nicholas, Collier's, Ladies' Home Journal, The American Girl, Woman's Home Companion, as well as novels. Poucher's signature varied from "Poucher," to just "EP" in a circle or "P."

Woman's Home Companion, "Six Ways Of Making The Everyday Dress For Less Than 15 Dollars (1915) Poucher - 001

Good Housekeeping, "Alley Cats" (1914) Poucher - 002

Woman's Home Companion, "Are Your Hands Saying Good Looks" (1922) Poucher - 003

Crisco, "Out Of The Kitchen By Noon!" (1922) Poucher - 004

Good Housekeeping, "Food" (1914) Poucher - 005

Woman's Home Companion, "Good Looks" (1921) Poucher - 006

Woman's Home Companion, "Made Of Remnants" (1922) Poucher - 007

Maxwell, "Perfectly Simple - Simply Perfect" (1910) Poucher - 008

Ladies' Home Companion, "When You Go Motoring" (19??) Poucher - 009

Woman's Home Companion, "What To Do With Tub Silks" (1922) Poucher - 010

Peerless (1912) Poucher - 011

Ladies' Home Journal, "The Dress Made In The United States" (1925) Poucher - 012

Good Housekeeping, "Sent Home" (1914) Poucher - 013

Good Housekeeping, "Red Tape" (1914) Poucher - 014

Good Housekeeping, "Baby Danger" (1914) Poucher - 015

Woman's Home Companion, "Parts" (1915) Poucher - 016

Peerless (1911) Poucher - 017

World War I poster for YWCA, "The Girl Reserves" (1918) Poucher - 018

Postum (1922) Poucher - 019