What to Submit
I'm looking for articles on illustration subjects and the illustrators themselves. While I'm certainly interested in help with the little bios for artists (see Artist Bios, an Index), what I'm really looking for are extended articles for the Featured Arist / Genre page.

Articles can consist of:

  • Biographies (if you are working on a book and want to give it a first publication or have an excerpt published, contact me)
  • Teachers and Students (example: Haddon Sundblom and the students he taught and influenced)
  • Genre subjects (Biblical, home life, transportation, sci-fi, crime, pin-up, western; there's really no boundary here)
  • Ad campaigns (example: single product like Pepsi or product categories like soft drinks; again, there's really no boundary)
  • Entire magazines or books (pre-1922, unless you have permission from the publisher)
  • Reviews of museum exhibits, books, movies or television shows featuring illustration art
  • Use of illustration art, past or present
  • Interest pieces such as illustrations found at auctions, swap meet finds, your personal collections (how you got started; the extent of the collection, etc.)
  • Personal anecdotes from your relationship (family, friend, business associate, admirer, model) with an artist
  • Whatever you think fans of illustration art would be interested in

Basically, the sky's the limit. If you can think of something, I'm probably interested, just e-mail me about it.

Before You Submit an Article, Submit Your Idea
Please contact me with your ideas before you mail me anything. Thanks!


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Coles Phillips, Good Housekeeping (1914)